Little Havana

Dive into the Magic of Little Havana

Fancy a Cuban spice, Latin flavor, and Salsa beats? Then, take on the cultural journey in Little Havana, a Cuban haven nestled in the heart of Miami. It's a perfect place to relish mouthful Cuban sandwiches, shake off some moves and merengue, and wake up all your senses indulged in all things Cuban. Add some flavor of Cuba to your trip and find out where to go and what to do to enjoy the most fantastic vacation as a real local!

Explore Calle Ocho, the Heart of Little Havana

The Heart of Little Havana

When you set foot on Calle Ocho, you're launched headfirst into a captivating cultural adventure, cradled in the charming neighborhood of Little Havana. Your olfactory senses will be tangled up in the heady, siren call of varied Cuban culinary delights blossoming dynamically around you—truly striking an epicure's optimal fantasy. Engage with culture in its most primal form - through the tantalizing flutter of flavors unleashed in a flawless Cuban sandwich. This tasteful stand-out dish sees tenderly roasted pork merging harmoniously with wholesome ham, smooth Swiss cheese, tart pickles, and a bold dollop of assertive mustard, all coming together within the cordial layers of a light sandwich, proven to be potent memory-makers. Venture next to the renowned crispy empanadas, seasoned to perfection, dissecting its golden crust and embarking upon a gastronomical expedition that dazzles the taste buds and ablaze the culinary imagination.

Experience Traditional Cuban Music and Dance

Traditional Cuban Music and Dance

The streets of Miami serve as a stage for artists, and the city proudly exhibits its creativity liberally. It began in 2009 when the late Tony Goldman made the walls of the stockrooms as materials for artists to create art. The newest addition to the local area is the Wynwood Entryways! A real estate parcel, previously a dump, was changed into a recreation area with stones and exquisite trees. Metal roll-down entryways were introduced onto the encompassing walls, giving artists more space to make! These are the beautiful murals that make even walking a visual celebration. Stroll along roads with vivid murals, each portraying different aspects of the Cuban Diaspora. Art here does not belong to a museum; instead, it flows on the walls to make an outside gallery, which brings out the community's resilience and innovation. Get into real big-size images or building facades with quirky characters or abstract marvels of art as you absorb what is happening in Miami's artistic quarter. These murals are a testament to the dynamic spirit of Miami that ranges from Instagram -worthy backdrops to thought–provoking tidbits.

Cuban Coffee Delight

Cuban Coffee Delight

If you visit Miami on a weekend and want to experience the vibrant Cuban culture, take a sip of a Cuban cup of coffee for your pleasure. Walk through the streets with window panes painted in rich colors and learn how to enjoy coffee as any genuine aficionado of cafécito does it. Colada is a perfect alternative for those who want something that can cheer them up, and they can enjoy together with friends. It is not going to stop at the first sip – it will stay with you until the bottom of your cup. Therefore, Miami's Cuban coffee life is an energetic celebration of culture, friendship, and jabs of caffeine shots. Hence, join Little Havana's beat as the coffee beans lead you in the dance and taste memorable Miami coffee culture that should never be taken for granted!

Look Out For Cigars, Cigars Everywhere

Cigars Everywhere

When visiting Little Havana, make sure you don't miss learning to make a cigar. An experienced smoker or anyone interested in smoking should never skip an opportunity to burn these cigarettes since they are 100% Habanos. Visit local outlets where you can see how cigar rollers make a series of perfect puffs while they are called torcedores. The wall speaks of Cuban ancestry; check out some popular cigar lounges in town. Enjoy live music and a personally made cigar at the Ball & Chain. The Cuban tradition of cigar culture in Miami is more than just smoking; it is a lifestyle where even those who know nothing about it will enjoy its flavors. Therefore, with your cigar, go to a cozy venue, allowing Cuban cigar culture to seduce you.

Immerse Yourself in the Art of Domino Park

Art of Domino Park MIA

Domino Park isn't just a park; it's a living mosaic of community bonds, laughter, and the undeniable rhythm of Little Havana. Picture this: musical slaps of domino tiles, chuckling reverberating under the shade of banyan trees, and a lively dance of older folks contending in cordial matches. This energetic park, formally Maximo Gomez Park, is where the soul of Cuba wakes up. Here, underneath the shade of banyan trees, local people accumulate to participate in vivacious rounds of dominoes. Grab a place to sit, notice the essential moves, and perhaps participate - it's an opportunity to interface with the local area and witness the fellowship that characterizes Little Havana. Jump into the game - the tomfoolery is standing by!

Join in the Nightlife of Salsa and Festivity

Salsa and Festivity

As the sun sets, the party in Little Havana is simply beginning. Go to the unbelievable Ball and Chain, a memorable scene where the soul of Havana wakes up. This famous Little Havana scene is more than just a bar; it's a musical excursion through Cuban beats and lively nightlife. Taste on a mojito while live salsa and jazz groups set the stage burning. The notable setting and exuberant air make it a must-visit spot for music fans and partygoers alike. Whether you're influencing on the dance floor or relaxing under the stars in the dynamic yard, The Ball and Chain guarantee an extraordinary Miami night. Snatch a mixed drink, hit the dance floor, and let the musicality dominate!

So, pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Little Havana. Don't miss out on this cultural gem – it's a place where every street corner tells a story, and every moment is filled with the spirit of Cuba!