Europe trip in spring: A Journey to Explore Europe in Bloom

As the winter ends, Europe rises from the blanket of fog and snow into a dreamy place. Springs- the time of blossom, warm sun, and pleasant weather is considerably the time to explore Europe at its best. When summers can be crowded and winters harsh, spring has an aura of relaxation and mystic beauty. Every day from April to June is like a new world emerging from the sheath of winter and moving towards the summer shine. Here are some of the best places in Europe you can visit for your spring vacation.

Athens, Greece

Walk through the shores of deep blue seas or witness the blooming of daisies and poppies as you spend a beautiful spring in Athens. This Greek city becomes a postcard destination with the natural colors scattered around. You can walk by the shores and bask in the sun as the city is almost empty with no tourists around (you will see locals, though). Iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis, Mount Lycabettus, or the Hadrian's Library should be on your bucket list for springtime in Europe.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The vintage city of Scotland, Edinburgh, is one of the best European spring break destinations you can add to your bucket list. Why? Well for instance, this city experiences Cherry Blossom, symbolizing the arrival of spring in Europe. Edinburg is known for its captivating floral life. From tulips adorning the land with red and pink hues to soothing yellow tones of daffodils adding warmth to the surroundings, spring in Edinburgh is nothing less than floral.

Vatican City

You can explore the entire Vatican City in one Europe trip in spring. It is one of the smallest countries in the world but loaded with fascinating attractions. Spring in Vatican City means more serenity and tranquillity as compared to the peak season. Museums here preserve the rich history and art galleries with no shortage of exclusive artwork of famous artisans. Sharing borders with Rome, this independent country is among the best European spring break places for history buffs.

Cadiz, Spain

One of the oldest cities still standing in Western Europe, Cadiz promises a spring break like no other. Creating a perfect balance of Western lifestyle and history, the city has something for every visitor on spring break. One can experience the amalgamation of culture as this island city is influenced by the arrival of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs in medieval times. You can stroll around the Plaza de Las Flores, where every boutique adorns fresh spring flower bouquets. And for a beach experience, you can witness the most surreal sunsets in Cadiz.

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